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Global Legal Tech Report | New Zealand Report Launch webinar with Legal Tech NZ

Hosted by LTNZ Chair, Ben Winslade and presented by lead researcher, Eric Chin from Alpha Creates, this not-to-miss webinar will discuss the key findings of the New Zealand research including:

  • What is the founder make-up of Legal Tech companies in New Zealand?
  • How do Legal Tech companies fare on gender diversity in the founding group?
  • What is the average team composition of Legal Tech companies that are now home to developers, designers, marketers, sales professionals and customer success professionals?
  • With artificial intelligence and blockchain getting a monopolistic coverage in legal media, what are the different underlying technologies that underpin the Legal Tech solutions in the Australian market?
  • What is the revenue outlook for Legal Tech companies in New Zealand?
  • What is the cost outlook for Legal Tech companies in New Zealand?

Attendance is free

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19 November 2019: Will technology kill the billable hour?

Law firm pricing to account for the costs and efficiencies of technology.


Technology is increasingly being incorporated into the services delivered by law firms, however the hourly rate model makes it difficult for firms to recover technology investments. This inhibits innovation and the speed of adoption of technology that should benefit both the firm and clients.

Join Colin Jasper, Principal of Positive Pricing, as he shares insights on pricing performance for law firms. Colin’s focus is on assisting professional services firms to improve their pricing performance.

This event will cover a number of themes, including:

  • How to make sense of the legal technology landscape;
  • How law firms can charge for technology used in the provision of legal services;
  • How law firms can encourage the adoption of technology when it may reduce the hours worked on a file; and
  • How a number of leading law firms are managing these challenges.

CPD 1.5 hours.



The event will include networking over lunch before the presentation, giving you an opportunity to ask more questions and share your experiences.



Date: Tuesday, 19 November 2019
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Venue: The Pavilion, ANZ Centre, 23 Albert Street, Auckland

Free event – numbers are limited and provided on a first come, first served basis.

What do you want to learn about?

Ask Colin a question and vote on other questions, before the event by going to and adding the following code: #M968

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Colin Jasper, Principal of Positive Pricing, has consulted to professional services firms for over 20 years. During this time, he has had the opportunity to work with most of the leading law firms in the UK, Asia and over 70% of the AmLaw 100. He has also consulted to leading accounting firms, engineering firms, architects and management consultants. As a Principal of Positive Pricing, Colin’s focus is on assisting professional services firms to improve their pricing performance. 

He has been a keynote speaker at conferences in UK, the US, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Colin’s Pricing Masterclasses have been run since 2011 and delivered worldwide, with Pricing Directors for many of the world’s leading professional service firms having attended these programs.

Colin was the Director of the Business-to-Business Pricing Program at the Australian Graduate School of Management. He has been a guest lecturer at numerous universities and business schools, and conducts regular research amongst clients on their buying behaviour and attitudes to firms.

In June 2019, Colin was recognised as a Legal Educator of the Year by the True Value Partnering Institute for his contribution to pricing education in the US legal market. Colin is the co-founder of the Legal Pricing Roundtables. The roundtables provide a forum for those responsible for leading pricing within their firms to explore leading practices and develop their expertise. They meet twice yearly in New York and London.

Colin’s articles have been published in a range of journals and magazines including Professional Services Firms Journal, the Journal of the Professional Pricing Society and The Law Management Journal.

He authored the pricing chapter in the American Bar Association book, The Power of Legal Project Management (2014), several chapters in Pricing on the Front Line (2017) and the pricing chapter of the Ark Group publication, Effective Practice Group Leadership (2017).